Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is blood thicker than water?

 We all have that best friend that we truly love, or are always with. You go to the mall together, parties, functions, school, etc. you name it, and you two are always together. Some of us have the luxury of having more than just one friend we share this bond with. You may have a whole group, clique, and circle of friends that you hold dear to your heart. Whatever the case is most of us have someone we can count on at all times, because they got out back.
We also have family that we can always count on. Some of us have an instant bond with our family. I mean it is kind of a big deal to share the same bloodline, to be genetically connected with someone.  Some hold family on the highest regard, but some don’t have anyone to call family.
So allow me to put yourself in situation; hypothetically of course.  You have a best friend who has been with you through thick and thin. You guys have shared so pain, fun, excitement, sadness, anger, etc. you guys are pretty much alike in so many different ways. You know each other inside and out, you literally call each brothers/sisters. Then you have your real sibling who you cannot stand. You guys never seen eye to eye. As a child he/she would consistently blame you for all his/her problems. This constant feud lasted until you were out the house. You guys seldom speak to each other except on holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. This divide causes your family to tear apart. So now you have a choice who would you pick? Is it more important that you guys share the same bloodline; I mean this is family, right? Or would you choose your friend who you have built up a bond with over time?
I mean we all “grew up” being “taught” that blood is thicker than water, which is true scientifically. The viscosity level of blood is greater than water. But does that apply in real life? Do you feel like its requirement to choose family over friends? Or do you base it on the bond that you build with each other, no matter if you’re a friend or a family member? I am not here to make you choose sides, but put things in perspective that you may not have before. So I hope you enjoyed, its been a while since my last. They’ll be readily posted once again.

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