Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence"

There’s a list of conspiracy theories that many of you can think of, but there are many more facts that are proven to be true.  So what’s the difference? The difference is facts are accepted across the board because there is evidence that proves them to be true. But before they were facts, they were theories, beliefs, and just idea as well.  So why are people so quick to shun down all theories that don’t necessarily have the substantiation to prove them to be right… yet!
So why is media (how I can’t wait until I tackle them in a blog to come) and the general public constantly attacking any theory and putting it to shame right away? So often people are very dismissive when it comes to conspiracy theories or the unknown in general. A few famous conspiracy theories that seem to always be thrown out the window are the following:
1.       HAARP
2.       Illuminati
3.       9/11 terrorist attacks
4.       JFK
5.       Aliens
6.       Here’s a big one: Religion
7.       And the best of them all: Why is Meshawn so cool? ( we know he’s cool, but how can someone get that cool… cooler than the other side of the pillow)
The list can go on as we all may know. But why are we quick to shun things down is my question? I think its matter of man fearing the unknown (you should read my last blog). We want to know everything and prove it with science. But sometimes things aren’t that easy. Many people do not believe in ghosts but there are countless video tapes with sightings and testimonies from reliable sources, but there are still great deals of skeptics at hand. There are also a lot of critics when it comes to religion, but there are so many believers at the same time. Why can’t these theories be accepted without having hard evidence?
This leads to my main message (I think I’m going to have to switch up the format, I always wrap it up like this in the end “smh”) for this blog post. Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Just because you do not have actual verification or can hold up to the scientific method, does not mean it not true. Majority of the times people who skeptics of these topics do not have to prove the theory false either. I am not saying to go around claiming all types of things or convert to scientology, but just realize that not everything in this world or universe is known. “Science” is constantly proving its own self wrong, and we are making new discoveries every day. So if you’re wondering how this applies to you, just think like this: “when are you too old to learn?”

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