Monday, July 12, 2010

Out of Sync

So this post was inspired by a motivational speaker by the name of Ed Gerety , if you haven’t heard of him check him out, he’s really good. He speaks to the incoming freshman class here at Bentley University every year during orientation. But this past orientation was the first time I heard him (yea I was an OL but didn’t go to my own orientation, #dontjudge; I had to re-live the experience haha). The entire presentation was great, but there was this one piece of it that really sunk in. He started to go down memory lane…

Rugrats, Yo-yo’s, Transformers, Hey Arnold, CatDog, Prince of Bel’Air, Johnny Bravo, Chuck E. Cheese, Discovery zone, Cousin Skeeter, Etc. The list can go on for days, everything that was a part of my childhood was mentioned pretty much. It made sit and reminisce on the past. I honestly I haven’t done it in a while. American culture so fast paced you don’t necessarily have time to reflect, you are to worry about the now and if not your mind is constantly thinking about the future. If not that also it is usually blurred with some type of substance and you don’t remember anyway (#shoutout to college soda, happy hour, and any other reason to consume that stuff; #domtjudge).

As we took a ride down memory lane, he mentioned the importance of staying in tuned with your childhood and to keep your imagination. I took this advice to heart. So I started to imagine I had powers, and started running downtown Boston shooting imaginary laser beams at people! (haha, I really did, but to myself). But seriously I started to think creatively and gave myself some more me time (and no I am not speaking about me doing the jerk, the dance haha). I can honestly say this sparked my interest in writing blogs, along with persuasion of my brother.

So the point I am really trying to make is you have to remove yourself from the now sometimes. Not necessarily dwell on the past, but reflect. Also make sure you use your imagination, it really makes you feel young again. Like Ed Gerety said, we constantly find ourselves in the same daily routine. Quoting him “have you ever walked in the shower and find yourself washing your body in the same exact order you do all the time?” yea we all do. So get out of sync, and enjoy the randomness on occasions.

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