Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Door Step Chillin

Lets just dive into it, i guess you ready?

I was coming from the gym having a deep thought sparked off by the song I was listening to, “Losing my Balance” by J. Cole (great song), when I see this man sitting across from my apartment at his. I mean I seen this guy all the time around the same time. Right after I come from the gym around 6-7, he’s there. I usually never think anything of it but this time was different for some reason. Maybe the song that was playing kind of sparked my interest, but whatever the case may be, my thoughts of what his thoughts were racing through my mind, as if it was his mind… ( I didn’t lose you did I? good).

So I started to wonder what was he thinking?

Should I have done something better with my life?
What has my life amounted to thus far?
Should I go to work tomorrow?
Whats for dinner?
Am I really satisfied?
Was my goal in life accomplished?
Do I still have time?

Weird? I thought so too. Why would I stop and really care what this man is thinking. I think it’s because I seen a reflection of myself in this man that I didn’t even know. Scary how you can look into someone you don’t even know and I find a personal connection without saying word. No one truly knows what that man was thinking and probably never will. But I know the same thoughts that I thought of were racing through my mind, about what may have been going through his mind, was actually thoughts of my own mind. (did I lose you? I’ll give you a sec if you need it. Sure? Ok let’s go!). All these were my own, I’m young in college and juggling all sorts of responsibilities that I probably shouldn’t handle on my own, but I’m doing it. Cause no one else will. So I guess after reading this entire blog entry you are wondering what’s my point? Well, its whatever you want it to be. I just don’t want you to “ Lose your Balance” when you deal with these every day issues we call life.

This is my first Blog of many. Thanks for Reading!

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