Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Choice is Your's...

Being at a business school you learn so much. You learn the general basics of how a business runs as well, the “proper way” to create a business plan, to eventually start your own (started one already and working on a second one now). I can say a business degree is the best undergrad degree possible, especially if you are not sure what you want to do with your life. You can apply aspects of business in any profession. Most people use the fundamentals of business at a very early; who remembers selling candy?

Business 101 summed up in a nutshell:

Yea buy your candy first (investment, start off costs), always that friend who didn’t pay up; “next week I got you!”(Liabilities, unearned revenue), then all the money that you made after you bought the initial candy (revenue, profit.) Then you finally had enough to buy the street fighter or NFL Blitz video game! Or even that money to pay for the trip to “field day.”(Yea I know went back on memory lane).
So most of us had the business mind-set early, just didn’t know the proper terms and processes of cash flow movement. But besides that you learn a lot of things outside the classroom. You learn different aspects of people as well as what drives them to do what they want. I can say being at a business school majority people is driven by money. By all means money is what you need to get by, if you’re not bringing the bacon home, and then you’re obviously not eating. There’s a list of other reasons why a lot of people are at a business school, but one I don’t here too often is passion.

Yea having passion for something will allow you to wake up in the morning and love your job. Your career, won’t be a part of your life, it will be an aspect of your life. So finding that niche where you combine something you love doing, will get you further in life, you will get that promotion you want when you get there. But also being at business school you learn that if you’re not continuing on with business after undergrad, people reactions are like huh? What? Why? Oh that’s nice (sarcastically of course).

I intend to further my education in the aspects of education, going to a business school I learn that business isn’t something I want to do for the rest of my life. I still wouldn’t have gone anywhere else, but I rather make a difference, then to be in corporate America. When I tell a lot of people this I get oooo and ohhhhhh’s but not quite the most welcoming response, it is crazy how you can read body language when they feel you shouldn’t take that route. But enough about me and back to the overall message and point.

I feel as though too many people are too caught up in the salary, reputation, and other things, than to follow something they really love to do. Here’s my advice to all before picking a career think about this. What are you passionate and really love to do? Now pick a profession that closely matches it; as well as they will allow you to live comfortably too. Then go for it! It doesn’t matter what people say! Do you want to be that person hitting the snooze but 5 times before you get up, Monday through Friday, for the rest of your life, thinking ugh work! Or do you want to love your job, and actually have passion to continue it! I chose my path; now make sure you chose the right one for you…

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