Friday, July 16, 2010


Its been a while since I posted a new blog, so i decided to do one today... I may post another one to catch up, but it has been really positive week. So all those who follow my blog I hope you enjoy this one... Its a little different how I approach most of em, but we'll see how this works out.

“… fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer, it’s just the furry of Man…”
- Nas , ‘ Hate Me Now’

I couldn’t have said it any better, well… yea I couldn’t. But I am not speaking about the fear you have for the boggie man nor do I speak of the conquistadors who conquered the Aztec natives (history 101 lesson). I am speaking in a more general sense. I consider these lyrics hold true in almost every setting.. The most frighten thing about it is the fact that we really don’t notice it on a daily basis. I know some of you are like “I ain’t scared of nothing!” or “my mom told me to love everyone the same.” But in reality we show hatred and fear more commonly than we think.

Have you ever walked into a party and felt really uncomfortable. You notice you are the only one that is anything like “you”. The music is different, the way people are dancing is different, and the way they speak to each is also much different than what you are use to. Everything about the atmosphere that you were currently in was strange and very unfamiliar. So you refrain from acclimating into the scene and you remain to yourself throughout the time. Instead of really learning about the difference, you were “scared” because you didn’t know anything about the scene. Many people face this fear when you go any strange setting. How many of you remember the first day school? Most of us were petrified. I remember seeing a few kids run out the classroom crying. Some of us had the same fear when going to college, but was able to have better control over our emotions (few students were running out the dorm crying I remember correctly... haha). Fearing the unknown is a general instinct of all humans and animals, but fearing is only one piece of it...

There’s this person (girl) you like, but for some reason whatever game (talk) you spit to that person (girl) it has no affect. You start to think like why isn’t this working; I mean had no trouble getting any other person (girl) I wanted to. So this goes on for a while and you are never successful. So next week you heard your friend hooked up with ‘em (girl) and you’re like “what???” You’re not mad at your friend but at that person (girl). What were you doing wrong, thinking to yourself like I am the master of seduction, so why was that person (girl) not under my trance? So you build animosity towards this person (girl) because you were unable to hit it off. This exemplifies the last half of the lyric quite well. Since you were unable to bag (hook-up) with that person you no longer like them, but in fact dislike them altogether. This story is made up of course (thought I was speaking from personal experience? Right), but this happens far too often. If you are not on top, deep down inside you tend to have some hatred to whatever is oppressing you. I used that example because most people have done it or seen it before. There are many examples throughout history where man hates what he cannot conquer.

So the overall point of this piece is to not fear the unknown but accept it, and not to hate what you can’t overcome.  There’s too much to learn, in this small amount of time we have on this earth. We cannot be fearful of what we do not understand but learn to embrace it. As well hating what we can’t conquer, we must learn that nothing fosters from hatred. Take the time to be loving, caring, and respectful to everyone and everything. If you can’t beat it the first time keep trying until you can, except if you start looking like a creeper (referencing the example above). So enjoy and live life. I am going to end on this quote that I seen on twitter from one of my peers; I think this makes sense in this setting:

Fear is consequence of negative thought…

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