Monday, July 19, 2010

I Just wanted to say "thank you..."

Some of you will not be able to relate completely to this entry, but some of you will. So at the end of it I hope that everyone can pull something out of it. This post is unlike the other posts, in that I will speak from my own personal experience throughout the entire blog. This will definitely be my most heartfelt blog to date, but bear with me as I may do a small amount of ranting in it.
Where do I start? Should I start at having to learn how to play sports by myself? Or should I start having to learn to ride a bike and picking myself up when I fell? No, I should start when I had to play catch alone. You know what’s even better, how about when I had to learn how to be a man myself. I didn’t have a fatherly figure to look up to. I didn’t have the chance to have those fathers to son conversations like most did. The phrase “father like son” doesn’t apply to me.
 Father’s Day is the most difficult. I am constantly reminded of how everyone else’s father is there for their child. But I don’t celebrate Father’s day, Mother’s day comes around twice year in my house hold. Yea I wish and call my dad and say happy birthday like any other son would. But the appreciation for my mother is showed on this day as well.
It’s a lot more difficult than one thinks growing up without a father who is not consistently in your life. While many of you were being taught how to play sports by your father, I was teaching myself. While many of you were being molded on how to be a man, I was molding myself. My mom did a wonderful job raising me, but there are some things in life where a father role is necessary in a child’s life, and the mother can’t replicate it.
So this is not a rant to say I hate my dad, or anything this is more of a thank you. I learned what it takes to be a father from what was not there. The man upstairs has a funny way of demonstrating and teaching but it is a lessoned learned. I am not resentful in any shape, way, or form, I still have love for him, but not the same love I would have for him if he was more active in my life. So my message to you all is play an active role in your child/children life/lives you don’t understand how much you are need.  Giving birth doesn’t make you a parent, playing the role does. So thank you dad for teaching me how to be a father in your own light, I still have love for you.

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  1. Good work with this 1. People out there need to KNOW. There are too many men out there who fail as a father to their children (sons), unaware of their selfish actions or lack there of, resulting in life long scars carried by the child.
    I am not Gay, i know how to shave, i know how to play sports, i can mac ladies and get laid, i finished highschool with a 3.7 GPA and im now about to finish college and head into a kickass career...and i did it all without you (him). With out your (his) advice or guidance. Do me a favor and dont waste your time trying to come back again, cuz you failed and your time was up a while ago.