Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Some say money isn't everything..."

So the other day I posted a thought that came across my mind on twitter, then on facebook, which seemed to get a lot of “likes” and “retweets”. There’s very few virtual feelings better than going on either site(facebook and twitter, we don’t like to mention the other site) and seeing your homepage with 30 notifications and 15 retweets (its like now I know ppl are paying attention to what I say ooohhhh yeeeeaaah). No one wants to admit it, but everyone knows that feeling, and it feels good as hell.

But if you don’t follow me on twitter or missed it, or really don’t feel like searching or scrolling down looking for that thought on facebook, here it is:

“I rather someone steals my money, than steal my thoughts.” Whoa right? Yea I said the same thing.

So think about it, if someone walked up to you with an ultimatum and was like you either give me all your money you have in the bank (saying if you were well off) or from now on you can’t have credit for your own ideas. So let’s at this in a much smaller realistic scale, we’ve all cheated once or twice in our life, possibly even more for some. Some will probably cheat after reading this; I am not here to cast judgment on you, because I can careless, well I care, but… I mean you get the point. Just think when you let that cute girl/guy next to you copy from your exam or vice versa, will that person remember you when they CEO of the company your working for. Just think that exam might have been the ticket for their way to the top, your thought, not theirs. But you’re a nice guy.

Once someone steals your money you can’t make more with that stolen money. But you can always make or replace that stolen money with your thoughts.

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